Inspired by the idea of ​​HOUSEHOLD AND PARENTAL founders, they gather a group of friends and professional associates and set out to achieve a clearly defined goal – the development of production of fruit fillings, fillings, fillings and other products, all in the spirit of our local cuisine and the average consumer.

Guided by the idea that “everyone knows what quality is”, but also that “not everyone can afford it”, we have been successfully developing a line of products with an outstanding quality-price ratio since its establishment.

By working, learning, improving and improving our products, we successfully go beyond the given framework, at the same time realizing that we have become producers from which many foreign, world-renowned companies can learn something about quality and creative approach to the production of fillings and fillings.

Such a bold statement is not the result of our arrogance, but the opinions and experiences of our satisfied users, with whom we have been successfully working and developing for years.

The family values ​​of traditional Serbian hosts, which we persistently nurture and persistently insist on, and the parental instincts of our employees, that is. Awareness that the consumers of our products are mostly children and young people are our guarantor to set standards of hygiene and safety in production and distribution even higher than those prescribed by domestic food safety laws or foreign HACCP standards.

Finally, we are proud to inform you that the west of Bačka and the city of Sombor can offer you an exceptional cooperation with an exceptional partner in the field of production of fruit fillings, fillings and other products for baking and confectionery.

Respecting your needs and special requirements in the field of production and distribution is a challenge that we look forward to.

With respect,

Golić doo Sombor

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